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We support you at every step of your AI journey

Machine Learning Consulting

Machine Learning (ML) has become a fundamental tool for businesses around the world. Are you interested in developing a ML toolset for a growing product? Maybe you already have an idea for a project but not sure how ML can best contribute. We can help you! ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are our specialty! From proof of concept, to product implementation you can trust us with your ML needs. 

ML Analysis & Discovery

Why do our beneficiaries churn from the program? What are the most common issue our hotline helps people resolve? Which of our clients need additional support or more immediate intervention? You may have data on your hands that can help answer these questions, and many more. Our team will help you tap into the data you have, including unstructured data like text and images, and uncover actionable insights that can help drive improvement in your program results.

ML Automated Pipeline

Let our ML solutions make your work easier and free your staff’s valuable time. ML systems can make your processes faster, more accurate, and most importantly easier to visualize. With a ML assisted product pipeline resources can be optimized providing for additional flexibility and control compared to traditional solutions. This allows you to focus resources where they are needed!

ML Transformed Products

Have a digital solution at the core of your activity? AI can transform any product. From improving the core functionality of your digital product, to adding radically new capabilities, there are ways to make your application AI-driven. We will support you at every stage of incorporating ML into your product’s tech stack.

How Are We Different?

TangibleAI is an AGILE driven company which takes that framework and applies it directly to our ML implementation. With that in mind our service differentiates itself from the competition quickly. The emphasis of all TangibleAI ML products are to be taken from proof of concept to first successful run in a quick and scalable manner. From there our model experiences serialized growth as we iterate future runs, allowing the machine to parse through data and create solutions at a pace far faster than traditional solutions. An added benefit of this method is that serialized growth provides clear concise milestones to the project that are easy to express. 

"Maria has partnered with us to explore the potential for applying NLP in assessing case notes and other common unstructured data. Her tactical approach and excellent communications in outlining the pragmatic, concrete steps an organization should take to prepare for a successful machine learning endeavor are invaluable."
Jenn Taylor
Partner, Deep Why Design