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We support you at every step of your AI journey

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Are you considering to implement AI in your organization, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have an idea for a project, but not sure how to turn it into reality. This is where we come in. From mapping opportunities for AI in your organization to refining and scoping your AI project idea, we’ll set you up for success, so that your first AI project won’t become your last.

AI Assessment

Deciding what your first AI project should be could be overwhelming. Our AI assessment will help you to create a list of candidate projects and prioritize them according to impact and feasibility.
Our assessment process: 
  • Explore your current challenges & strategic goals
  • Examine your data assets and technology ecosystem 
  • Evaluate your AI-readiness from organizational and technology perspective 
  • Propose and score a set of project ideas
  • Recommend next steps on your AI journey

AI Solution Design

Have an idea for a chatbot or a machine learning application? We will partner with you to help you conceptualize, refine and scope your idea to turn it into an actionable project plan. Using our methodology, based on principles of Design Thinking and conversational design, we’ll examine you ecosystem, challenges and assets, to create a solution that maximizes impact. We firmly believe that just because you can build something doesn’t mean that you necessarily should, and we will never sell you an excavator when all you need is a shovel.

Path To AI

Is AI on your mid-to-long term plan? To build effective machine learning systems in a year or two, you need to prepare your data infrastructure TODAY. We’ll help you understand the gaps in your data collection, and strengthen the foundations of your tech pipeline to make it AI-ready.

"Maria has partnered with us to explore the potential for applying NLP in assessing case notes and other common unstructured data. Her tactical approach and excellent communications in outlining the pragmatic, concrete steps an organization should take to prepare for a successful machine learning endeavor are invaluable."
Jenn Taylor
Partner, Deep Why Design