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Chatbots and Conversational AI

With more than 10 years of combined experience in creating conversational solutions, we’re here to help you leverage the power of AI-powered chatbots to supercharge your stakeholder engagement and serve more people with less effort.

What chatbots can do for your organization


Interactively engage and educate your stakeholders


Scale your service delivery


Reduce your staff's workload


Drive behavior change and help your beneficiaries grow

Our Chatbot Process

Some of the chatbots we're building


Syndee, Your Chatbot Ally to Beat Impostor Syndrome

Syndee helps its users recognize and deal with impostor syndrome, and transform impostor thinking in a way that allows them to own their success.


Changa, Rural Mother's SMS Assistant for Child Home Care

Changa helps mothers to newborns and young children in rural areas follow the health workers’ instructions on home care for their child, as prescribed by IMCI protocol.