Our Work

Examples of our recent projects

Maya - Chatbot Assistant to Help Combat Human Trafficking

Challenge: Every year, as much as 35,000 are trafficked in Nepal, the majority of them being women and children. Plan International aims to curb child trafficking in the country by educating teenagers about safe behaviours. Our challenge was to find a way to digitally engage Nepali teens with trafficking-related topics, augmenting Plan International multi-channel campaign PROTECT.

Our Solution: Together with Plan International USA and Nepal teams, we created Maya, a Facebook-based conversational assistant that interactively educates the teens on the topics of trafficking, migrating safely for work, and protecting yourself online. Maya utilizes quizzes and interactive stories to convey crucial messages of the PROTECT campaign and makes them more digestible for young audiences. Adventures utilized by the chatbot are written using real-world survivor stories and bring insight into human trafficking strategies employed nowadays.

Computer Vision Interactive Dashboard

Challenge: EntoLabs.ai aims to solve the protein crunch by leveraging the power of data to commercialize the insect protein industry. The aim of the project was to create an MVP showcasing the ability of machine learning to optimize insect incubation.

Our Solution: We developed a state of the art computer vision system to monitor insect colony health, count individual insects and help architect a system to optimize protein production rate and sustainability.

Bilingual NLU Module for GAP Agricultural Chatbot

Challenge: enhance the capabilities of ONOW Myanmar’s GAP chatbot to understand natural language requests and direct the users to the appropriate information.

Our Solution: We built an English and Burmese Natural Language Understanding (NLU) module and designed a custom chatbot module in Botpress to integrate bilingual NLU into GAP chatbot.

Nurse Nisa Chatbot Analytics Dashboard

Challenge: Understand the interaction of women in India, Kenya, and DRC with Nurse Nisa, a Whatsapp chatbot providing information on abortion and contraception.

Our Solution: We designed and implemented an analytics dashboard utilizing BigQuery, SQL and Google Data Studio to provide meaningful and actionable insight into the users’ engagement with the bot.

Syndee a Chatbot Ally to Beat Impostor Syndrome

Challenge: Impostor Syndrome is a psychological pattern in which a person doubts their skills and accomplishments and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Helping minorities and women understand and control impostor thinking is crucial in increasing diversity in the workforce. In this in-house project funded by VitalVoices, we aimed to scale the tool coaches use to help you reframe impostor thinking, and make them accessible as an interactive conversational assistant open to all.

Our Solution: We developed Syndee – an artificial assistant that can give you immediate 24/7 support to help you restore your confidence. Syndee helps the users to deal with thoughts that hold them back using scientifically-backed psychology exercises. These exercises allow the user to identify unhelpful patterns in their impostor thoughts, and reframe the self-sabotaging perceptions.

MyFocusLab Mobile App

Challenge: My Focus Lab is a behavioral focus training program created to give college students the tools they need to stay focused, excel in their studies, and improve their wellbeing. The team needed to create a prototype that will be accessible through an Android, iOS and Web app, on a tight schedule and limited budget.

Our Solution: Within 6 weeks, we created an interactive, mobile-friendly Bubble app designed to help the users track their focus and perform media-rich interactive exercises. We also created an extensive data collection infrastructure to record every user action using Segment, BigQuery and Amplitude.