Getting Started with Python and Data Analysis

We not only help international organizations to start using machine intelligence, we also help new developers and Data Scientists get their start.
Here are our favorite tutorials and resources to help you get started if you're new to Python or data science.

If you like working on some of these exercises and want to find some ways to use python for social impact, consider applying for our quarterly internship. Each qaurter we take on two unpaid interns that we guide on their journey from zero to data science hero in only two and a half months.
We even have a chatbot to help you along the way with daily encouragement, guidance and exercises.


Here you should find everything you need to get started in programming.
And there will be ways for programmers of all skill level to develop their craft.
Even I use the resources in this list to "level up" my skills now and then.

Complete Beginner

If you have no programming experience at all, this is a great place to start.
Python was designed to be the most readable and learnable programming language.
Plus you'll be learning the most powerful and popular programming language

Interactive Python Self-Learning

Intermediate Python and Beginner Data Science

Certificated Online Learning

Datasets & Project Ideas

Here are some datasets, blog posts, and tutorials that might spark some ideas for projects of your own.
One of the most reliable ways to learn something is to duplicate someone else's work and then play with it or break it.
Eventually you may be able to modify, extend, or generalize it in some way that extends the state of the art.



How to Think and Learn


Design Patterns

  • Clean Code by Robert C Martin RECOMMENDED by Diane Chen

Mentoring Schools

Python Resource Lists

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