AI can transform every part of your organization’s operation – but is it right for you? Tangible AI will help you answer the most important questions: How can AI help my organization and my mission? Can it drive meaningful impact for my company or non-profit? Are we ready to implement AI? What needs to be in place for our AI project to succeed? 

Our team will help you to estimate your organization’s readiness to implement AI, identify the key assets that are essential for AI projects, and chart your way to become an AI-driven organization.


Want to ramp-up your organization’s “AI IQ”? Tangible AI provides webinars and workshops that will explain the concepts of AI in accessible, tech slang-free way and help your staff understand better the technology and its potential to bring value to your organization.


We provide end-to-end services of creating AI solutions that will enhance and streamline processes throughout your organization – from identifying high-value opportunities for applying AI technology, to defining and designing the solution and building a plan for its impact measurement, to carrying out the pilot and subsequent analysis of pilot results.

Conversational AI and chatbots – conversational agents, or chatbots, are becoming ubiquitous due to the rise in popularity of messaging platforms. They provide information in accessible and engaging ways and are able to deliver educational content, simplify processes, increase engagement and save time on donor, beneficiary and member services, without requiring robust data infrastructure to power them.

Data-driven prediction and automation – for organizations with mature data pipeline, AI-driven solutions can improve the decision making, speed up processes and save hundreds of hours of manual work. Tangible AI will help you implement all levels of AI-powered solutions, from data science studies to operationalized products that become part of the business flow.