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Grow your impact with smart software, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

How can AI help your organization?

Engage audiences at scale

Educate and nudge your constituents by leveraging the power of interactive chatbot conversations on social media, SMS or your website.

Leverage your data

Make the most out of the data you collect, including text, images and video, to better understand your impact and make your programs more targeted and efficient.

Build smarter applications

Take your digital offering to the next level by building applications with advanced capabilities, from intelligent prediction to natural language understanding.

About Tangible AI

AI has the potential to transform constituent outreach and internal processes of organizations across impact sectors and geographies. Tangible AI supports social impact organizations in harnessing the power of this technology to scale their services and work smarter. We do this by helping our clients to identify opportunities and challenges that can be addressed using AI technology, as well as to implement, evaluate and scale AI-driven solutions that serve their needs. Since 2019, we have helped dozens or nonprofits, social businesses and governmental organizations with custom-built chatbots, predictive models, analytics solutions, scalable software pipelines and AI strategy consulting . Our team offers deep expertise in agile AI and software development, as well as combined experience of implementing and managing more than 40 AI projects in the last decade.

Our expertise


Natural Language

AI Strategy

No-Code Prototyping

Computer Vision

Data Science

Our Work

Our Projects

Educating Teens in Nepal About Human Trafficking with a Facebook Chatbot
Predicting Underprivileged College Students Persistence with Natural Language Processing
Improving Contraception & Abortion Education with Data-Driven Insights

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AI is everywhere. Make it work for those you serve.

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